Futureproofing Procurement

Friday 23 August 2019 is the date for this year's Procurement Australasia action packed one-day 14th Annual Conference, Futureproofing Procurement, to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Futureproofing Procurement looks to the future and asks whether procurement professionals are ready for the industry's 'new world' already taking shape, which is requiring them to become key providers of insights and guidance for the world's increasingly complex value chains. Success in this new world requires new ways of thinking and working, including looking to and adopting new technologies for internal processes, and placing greater emphasis on social and sustainable procurement practices to deliver the best long term outcomes.

Futureproofing Procurement focuses on the new world's three key drivers:

1. Peoplethe next generation

2. Strategic procurement – digitisation tools and systems; Artificial Intelligence (AI)

3. Sustainable & Social procurement2019 and beyond

Futureproofing Procurement will challenge you to consider your current practices and decide whether they are 'futureproofed', or whether you need to overhaul your organisation's behaviors, practices, processes and strategies for new world success. This one-day only conference seeks to help you – the procurement industry, its professionals, suppliers and peers – focus on how to succeed in the new world with insights offered by a terrific range of leading theorists and practitioners to discuss, debate, and help you navigate your success.

As the major public expression of Procurement Australasia's commitment to investing in and nurturing the procurement industry, our guiding principle is to combine high quality content focused on procurement's key benchmarks of efficiency, sustainability and long term economic benefit. We are proud of our efforts to develop and support the procurement industry and look forward to celebrating this with you at this year's Futureproofing Procurement Conference.

Excellence rewarded

As at our past conferences, procurement excellence will be publicly acknowledged at Futureproofing Procurement through Procurement Australasia's peer chosen Excellence Awards. The Jacinta Bartlett Award for Excellence in Procurement will again be given and the third recipient of the Paul Everitt Scholarship will be announced.

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